Many arrive at a local state park, lake or waterfront and find an accessible kayak launch. The launch is intriguing to many, and they wander how it works, who uses it, and how it was built. Below is the step by step process in photos of the assembly of an accessible kayak launch.

First, the accessible kayak launch is designed and manufacturer to the client's specification by BoardSafe Docks in Topton, PA. The accessible kayak launch is pre-assembled and reviewed for quality measures and then loaded for shipping and delivery to the client's location. In this case, the client is located at Saratoga Lake, FL.

accessible kayak launch delivery


accessible kayak launch site preparation

accessible kayak launch boat slide attachment

accessible kayak launch gangway installation


accessible kayak launch float attachment

accessible kayak launch floating dock

accessible kayak launch bench handrail grab bar assembly

accessible kayak launch final product




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