20 Feb

Coeur d’Alene is a world-class resort city. Located in North Idaho, the city is 30 miles from Spokane and 100 miles from Canada. Their Atlas Mill Waterfront Project gave BoardSafe their first-ever project in the state of Idaho.

BoardSafe will build, deliver, and install an ADA-compliant kayak launch to allow kayakers of all abilities to enjoy the new facilities. Watch this brief video about the vision Coeur d’Alene has for its citizens. BoardSafe is proud to be able to help these citizens fulfill their dreams.

Board Safe manufactures aluminum floating docks, piers, and gangways. They have designed and manufactured numerous specialty projects like rowing centers and ADA docks and boat launches. For more information on your rowing center project, marina, commercial or residential docks, call 610-899-0286 or visit https://boardsafedocks.com/

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