23 Jun

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed, stopped, or at least reshaped, daily activities. The newspaper sports sections have shrunk due to the limits on sporting events, yet summer still beckons us to outdoor activities, including rowing and other water sports.

In some places where restrictions are loosening, rowing clubs are getting back on the water, but in an unfamiliar, yet basic, way: in one-person, single-racing shells.

“We’re really just going back to our roots,” says Stacey Apfelbaum, Niskayuna Rowing program director, New York State. “People think rowing and they picture eights and it’s like too many people, there is no way [the sport is safe]. They don’t realize that there is the other side to our sport.”

Spectators, few as they may be, see individual rowers wearing masks, preparing one-at-a-time within strict time limits, pushing off the docks and removing their mask.

The pandemic hit just when rowing and training programs were getting underway, but now many students and seasoned rowers are breaking free, albeit under some restrictions that are scheduled to last through August, adding a new twist to an old song:

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently by yourself.
Practice social distancing,
For everybody’s health.

Life has not completely stopped for suppliers. BoardSafe Docks continues to grow as previous orders are fulfilled and new orders come in. Clubs, parks, and other venues, are updating docks and gangways, and becoming more conscious of the need for ADA-compliant structures, and BoardSafe will design, construct, deliver, and install all-aluminum, made-in-the-USA, solutions.

As an experienced aluminum boat dock manufacturer, BoardSafe designs floating commercial and residential docks, gangways, piers, and other custom dock components, to customer specifications. BoardSafe takes great pride in manufacturing boat docks and boat dock components that are environmentally-friendly, extremely safe, require minimal maintenance, retain their strong structural integrity, and fully comply with ADA regulations when required. And, of course, all BoardSafe products are manufactured in the USA.

Management has over 30 years of high-end construction experience, and their expertise and attention to detail have made BoardSafe a trusted aluminum dock provider for high-profile marinas, rowing centers, and other projects.

Review our web site to see the list of our standard products and contact us below or call 610.899.0286 to discuss your needs.

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