Chester Frost Park Gangway side view
13 May

Chester Frost Park, nestled on the scenic shores of Chickamauga Lake in Hixson, Tennessee, continues to evolve as a premier recreational destination. The latest addition to its amenities will be a brand-new 80-ft. gangway, two courtesy docks, and an accessible fishing pier designed, engineered, and manufactured by BoardSafe Docks. This significant enhancement promises to elevate the park’s allure and accessibility for locals and visitors alike.

The Chester Frost Boat Ramp was rebuilt in March of 2023 and was part of Phase I improvements scheduled for the park. Although Chester Frost is a Hamilton County Parks and Recreation property, the improvements to its boat ramp on Chickamauga Lake came from TWRA and the Tennessee Dept. of Tourism. Lake Chickamauga is one of 18 lakes across Tennessee designated as Bill Dance Signature Lakes. The famous angler Bill Dance lends his name with hope and support of turning these locations into national destination lakes for bass anglers.

Phase II of the project includes replacing the courtesy docks and the nearby fishing pier while improving access to both. Both areas remain closed and have been in disrepair since they were damaged in a storm. Hamilton County is pleased this project phase is near completion and ready for all to enjoy.

“More than one million Tennesseans held a valid fishing license in 2023,” said Dennis Tumlin, Chief Customer Officer at Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. “These improvements at Chester Frost Park and Chickamauga Lake will enhance the visitor’s experience for generations to come.” Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department holds a vision for creating the best outdoor spaces for visitors to Hamilton County Parks. BoardSafe’s design expertise and experience in design solutions for improved accessibility helped Hamilton County realize this vision.

Chester Frost Park courtesy dock  Chester Frost Park fishing pier

Expanding accessibility with ADA Gangway

The new 80-ft. gangway is a testament to the park’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Designed, engineered, and manufactured by BoardSafe Docks to accommodate individuals of all abilities, the gangway ensures seamless access to the water’s edge, opening up a world of recreational opportunities previously inaccessible to some paddlers and anglers in wheelchairs.

Accessible Fishing Pier

One of the most notable features of the new enhancements is the addition of an accessible fishing pier. Strategically positioned for optimal fishing experiences, this pier provides a designated space for anglers of all skill levels to cast their lines and reel in the day’s catch. Its accessibility ensures that everyone, even anglers with mobility limitations, can participate in the joys of fishing and communing with nature on Chickamauga Lake.

Enhanced Courtesy Docks

In addition to the new gangway and fishing pier, Chester Frost Park has upgraded its courtesy docks for boaters. Boaters will appreciate the convenience of these improved facilities that make launching and docking watercraft a breeze. Whether it’s embarking on a leisurely cruise or setting out for a day of water sports, the enhanced docks improve the overall boating experience at the park.

Community Impact

The installation of these enhancements marks a significant milestone for Chester Frost Park and the surrounding community. Not only do they enrich the recreational offerings of the park, they also foster a greater sense of community engagement and enjoyment. Families, outdoor enthusiasts, and nature lovers can gather to create lasting memories of Lake Chickamauga’s natural splendor.

Chester Frost Park gangway view from dock  Chester Frost Park gangway long view toward dock

As Chester Frost Park continues to evolve and adapt to the needs of its visitors, the completion of the new 80-ft. gangway, courtesy docks, and accessible fishing pier stands as a testament to its dedication to accessibility, recreation, community, and visitors. Whether casting a line from the fishing pier, launching a boat from the courtesy docks, or simply soaking in the beauty of the lake, visitors are sure to find endless opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment amidst the natural wonders of this beloved park.

The scope of BoardSafe’s project at Chester Frost Park

(1) 6 X 15 floating dock

(1) 6 X 25 floating dock

(5) 8 X 25 floating docks

(2) 8 X 15 floating docks

(1) 8 X 80 dual-rail gangway that brings access to a 960-sq.-ft. covered fishing pier

The Chester Frost project was installed by Blue Water Docks in Chattanooga, TN. 

Kevin Jones led the installation.

Chester Frost Park gangway on crane  Chester Frost Park courtesy dock closeup

BoardSafe Docks understands the impact safe and easy water access provides for fishermen, boaters, paddlers, and park visitors. When people have great places to go that meet their unique needs, the investment builds a vibrant, healthy, cohesive community. BoardSafe’s products require minimal maintenance and upkeep after they are installed. Its systems are manufactured using aluminum frames and extrusions, composite decking materials, non-polluting flotation, and stainless steel, which will pay dividends to communities for years to come.

BoardSafe is a leading provider of innovative access solutions that specialize in the design, fabrication, and installation of floating docks, gangways, pedestrian bridges, adaptive kayak launches, and accessible fishing piers, all of which promote accessibility and inclusivity for waterfront activities. Contact BoardSafe Docks at 610-899-0286 for more information on your solution for inclusive access with universal design features.

Chester Frost Park gangway side view
Chester Frost Park Courtesy Docks