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Accessible Kayak Launch

Getting your boat from vehicle to water: Adaptive kayak launch makes it easy
Watch adaptive paddler Ken take his boat out of his van and down the boat slide where he safely transitions from his wheelchair and into the kayak in less then 10 minutes.

Maiden Voyage with Accessible Kayak Launch at Hanna Park in Jacksonville Florida
Waterways commissioner for the City of Jacksonville and adaptive paddler, Ray Pringle, takes his maiden voyage using BoardSafe’s accessible Kayak Launch at Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

Accessible Docks, Piers, Kayak & Boat Launch
Accessible parks like the one at Leaser Lake in Pennsylvania offer a multitude of outdoor activities to adaptive athletes and those with disabilities.

Accessible Kayak Launch Makes Paddling Easy
“The grab bar makes a world of difference from a person not being able to get into a boat to getting in and out pretty easily.”

Team River Runner Event at Leaser Lake—August 2016
With the addition of the accessible park at Leaser Lake, the lake is an ideal spot for those looking to get out on the water.

Adaptive Kayak Launch at Hanna Park
The City of Jacksonville’s Disabled Services Division with the Parks & Recreation department and Brooks Rehabilitation Clinic unveiled the first of three adaptive kayak launches at Hanna Park.

Accessible Kayak Launch Leaser Lake for Adaptive Rowing
As parks, marinas, rowing centers and other outdoor facilities add greater accessibility, Leaser Lake is one destination that can be enjoyed by all.

Bethesda Park Adaptive Kayak Launch
This is the third adaptive kayak launch at Bethesda Park, Jacksonville, Florida.

What is an Adaptive Kayak Boat Launch?
BoardSafe explains the features of its adaptive kayak boat launch product that provides boating access for those with disabilities, handicaps, and other mobility limitations.

Lions Club Raises Money for ADA Fishing Pier and Adaptive Boat Launch
The Kempton & Ontelaunee Lions Clubs raised money to purchase and install a floating dock ADA fishing pier and adaptive kayak boat launch at Leaser Lake.

ADA Kayak Boat Launch
ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, provides organizations with rules and guidelines on providing greater access to those with disabilities or issues with mobility.

Minsi Lake has Adaptive Kayak Launch, Accessible Launcher, 2 ADA Fishing Pier Floating Docks
The ADA accessible project give adaptive fisherman and adaptive athletes safe and convenient access to enjoy the 117-acre lake.

Sirenia Vista Park—ADA Kayak Launch Installation
This is a time-lapse video of the first half of the ADA kayak launch installation at Sirenia Vista Park on 1/9/19.

Using a Clip-A-Launch Kayak Launch at Minsi Lake
BoardSafe developed a unique product to meet the needs of unique clients: the add-on kayak launch we call Clip-a-Launch.

Couderay River Accessible and Adaptive Kayak Launch in Couderay, Wisconsin
The community of Couderay, Wisconsin, now has a safe, adaptive and accessible way to get their boat, kayak, and canoe to paddle and fish the Couderay River.

Village of Fairport, NY, Accessible Kayak Launch with ADA Features
New York
The Village of Fairport, NY, completely reconstructed their waterfront on the Erie Canal to provide access for adaptive athletes.

East 55th Street Adaptive and Accessible ADA Kayak Launch by BoardSafe Docks
BoardSafe Docks engineered, built, and installed the unique ADA-inspired adaptive kayak launch to make boating accessible to adaptive paddlers as well as canoes and other boats.

Adaptive Paddler Reviews Accessible Kayak Launch After First Experience
Paddlers of all abilities now have greater access to explore Beaver Creek in Powell, TN, with BoardSafe’s newly installed adaptive kayak launch.

Adaptive and Accessible Kayak Launches Installed for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
In October 2022, BoardSafe concluded a 2-year collaboration with Wisconsin’s Bureau of Fisheries Management to design, manufacture, and install both the Couderay and Radisson projects.

Adaptive Kayak Launch Increases Accessibility for Rushton Races in Canton, NY
New York
A new adaptive kayak launch was installed in time for the 60th annual race that occurred May 6th through 8th for the Canton Canoe Weekend. Hear the story of the one volunteer whose efforts brought an idea to fruition.

Adaptive Paddlers in the St. Lawrence Valley Debut Their New Accessible Kayak Launch
New York
The efforts of volunteers and a generous community brought an adaptive kayak launch to Canton, NY. See one of the first trial runs on the adaptive kayak launch.

Radisson, Wisconsin Installation of Adaptive Kayak Launch for Accessibility
Along the Couderay River in Radisson, Wisconsin, an adaptive and accessible kayak launch was installed October 2022. It provides universal access to the river regardless of ability or disability and has numerous ADA-inspired features.

BoardSafe Stand-Up Paddleboard Launch, Sandpoint, Idaho
This is a demonstration of a BoardSafe aluminum kayak launch for single-fin stand-up paddleboards, installed in Sandpoint, Idaho, July 2021.

BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch, Lake Chaminwood, Joliet, Illinois
This new adaptive launch at Lake Chaminwood is one of many ways the Forest Preserve is working to make the preserves open to all.

Beaver Creek Transformation Continues with Knox County Parks & Rec
The workers at Knox County Parks and Recreation are a few years into a long-term project that transforms more than 40 miles of Beaver Creek into a destination for recreation. The challenging project continues to make considerable progress with help from county crews, contractors, and the community.

Floating Docks

Custom Aluminum Floating Dock
Aerial footage of a custom aluminum floating dock at a private lake. The system includes 16×48 main dock with composite lumber, 4×20 gangway, aluminum boat rack, kayak launch, and boat launch.

Flooded Aluminum Floating Dock Rowing Center Survives Test
BoardSafe Docks prides itself in building well-engineered rowing centers that withstand the abuse from Mother Nature as well as meet the daily needs for rowing clubs at practice and the strains of large regattas.

What Makes a Rowing Dock for Rowing Centers Different?
Rowing docks at rowing centers and rowing clubs can look similar to other aluminum floating docks at marinas, boat launches, and other locations. Subtle differences make rowing docks very different, but convenient, safe, and ideal for rowers, paddlers, and other watermen.

ADA Fishing Dock & Pier
BoardSafe Docks manufactures ADA, adaptive, and handicap accessible aluminum piers, floating docks, kayak boat launches, and other marina products that improve accessibility of lakes, rivers, marshes, ponds, and other waterfront venues.

Custom Aluminum Floating Dock with Kayak Launch and Aluminum Gangway
BoardSafe Docks designs and manufacturers the highest quality docks and marine access products in the industry—and our clients recognize it!

Allentown Waterfront Floating Dock and Kayak Boat Launch on the Lehigh River
In October 2022, BoardSafe Docks completed the installation of a custom floating dock and gangway on the Lehigh River in Allentown, PA. The Allentown Water Front project is a redevelopment effort to revitalize the area.

Floating Dock System at Pickwick Dam in Tennessee
In July 2022, BoardSafe Docks installed a project for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at Pickwick Dam in Tennessee. Not only is Pickwick a great floating fishing pier for locals—it is a prime location for professional bass tournaments.

Floating Aluminum Docks with Concrete Deck Panels by BoardSafe Docks
Ever innovating and improving their marine access products, BoardSafe Docks launched a new product: an aluminum floating dock with 8″ wide and 2″ thick pre-stressed concrete panels. This is a commercial product on par with BoardSafe Dock’s standard 50 series.

Aluminum Floating Docks and Gangway at Riverside Dock
BoardSafe Docks was contracted to come up with a design for a new floating dock system on the Schuylkill River across from Pottstown, PA, in North Coventry Township. The customer asked if we could design a new dock system that would hold up during flooding conditions. It had to be ADA compliant and not project too far into the river.

New Accessible Adaptive ADA Floating Dock & Launch Access at Wright’s Landing Marina in Oswego, NY
New York
In September 2022, the City of Oswego, NY, installed a new adaptive kayak launch, floating dock, and gangway at Wright’s Landing Marina. The launch provides universal accessibility similar to those required by ADA to ensure that all in the community can enjoy paddling outdoors.

New Custom Floating Dock System and Aluminum Gangway for the Allentown Waterfront
In October 2022, BoardSafe Docks completed the installation of a custom gangway, floating dock system, kayak launch, and storage racks on the Lehigh River in Allentown, PA.


Pedestrian Bridges

BoardSafe Docks: Manufacturer of Marinas, Rowing Centers, Adaptive Launches, Gangways & Bridges
Our projects cover a variety of locations including urban projects in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Chicago, Manhattan, and Boston Harbor. We have also undertaken numerous rural projects on lakes, rivers, streams, and coastal environments.

Aluminum Pedestrian Bridge in Fleetwood, PA
The new ADA-compliant gangway provides opportunities for people in wheelchairs to attend park functions without struggling through the barriers that existed in the past. The pedestrian bridge will provide inclusive access to the park for many years to come.

Leaser Lake Aluminum Pedestrian Bridge, Accessible Kayak Launch and ADA Fishing Pier
BoardSafe Docks prides itself on manufacturing high-quality products and excellent craftsmanship. As this footage shows, the condition of the ADA fishing pier, adaptive kayak launch, and pedestrian bridge continue to perform to the high product standards desired by BoardSafe.

Aluminum Pedestrian Bridge Manufactured and Installed
In December 2017, BoardSafe installed an aluminum pedestrian bridge in Allentown, PA. The custom-manufactured pedestrian bridge was requested by Lehigh County for their park and historic property at Haines Mill.

Rowing Docks

Temple University’s Rowing Center in Philadelphia
The Temple University Rowing Center is a state-of-the-art facility on the Schuylkill River and characterized as “the best rowing center in Philadelphia” by their Crew Coach Brian Perkins. The rowing center was designed, manufactured and installed by BoardSafe.

Rowing Docks for PA Barge Club at Boathouse Row
In 2018, BoardSafe Docks designed, manufactured, and installed rowing docks for the Schuylkill Navy, La Salle High School, and other athletes who row out of the boathouse. Watch the testimonial from Michael Ragan the president of PA Barge Club.

Philadelphia Rowing Center
See why rowers love to put their boats in at the Temple Rowing Center, and why the most prestigious rowing centers and clubs call BoardSafe to design and engineer their rowing centers.

Conshohocken Rowing Center
View arial photography of a project BoardSafe Docks completed for the Conshohocken Rowing Center. The video shows off the state-of-the-art facility and quality of work that BoardSafe offers.

Texas Rowing Center—the World Class Rowing Center Built by BoardSafe Docks
When this world-class facility sought a world-class rowing and floating dock manufacturer, they called BoardSafe Docks. Matt Knifton, owner of TRC, discusses the expansion of the TRC and why they chose BoardSafe.

New Rowing Center Gangway and Dock at University of Pennsylvania’s Boathouse
BoardSafe Docks provided the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of the new rowing docks and gangway for The University of Pennsylvania’s Rowing Center on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. The $13.5 million renovation included upgrades to the historical boathouse, rowing docks, and gangway.