Accessible aluminum piers and floating docks are unique because they are engineered and constructed for the adaptive athlete in mind using ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) features. Whether enjoying a lakeside breeze or fishing, BoardSafe accessible aluminum piers and floating docks provide accessibility to all. 

ADA features including a 1:12 slope aluminum gangway as well as low rise thresholds. The piers, floating docks and gangways have a 36″ continuous handrail along the perimeter, consistent with ADA features. Aluminum floating docks for BoardSafe accessible piers are engineered to provide greater stability on the water. 

Our commercial aluminum piers and floating docks are offered in numerous standard sizes and customized to your needs. BoardSafe manufacturers commercial aluminum piers and docks using heavy duty 100 Series Aluminum extrusion. BoardSafe uses the highest quality materials including marine grade 6160 aluminum, proprietary extruded aluminum frame, and synthetic lumber featuring Timberstrong hidden fastening system. The piers and bridges are designed for marine applications at lakes, marshes, rivers and other areas with water. BoardSafe designs and manufacturers products that meet construction requirements as well as special applications like ADA requirements and accessories for accessibility for all.