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06 Feb

Are you scouring the Internet looking for a kayak launch that is truly accessible—one designed with input from paddlers in wheelchairs?

Are you in search of a kayak launch that is structurally sound, durable, and won’t get washed away in the first flood or demolished by a high wind storm?

Do you need help understanding how long your gangway or kayak chute should be? Or what size freeboard you’ll need? Do you understand what size floating dock will work best for your application? Are your stakeholders clear about what to budget for your accessible floating dock system?

Get your questions answered with BoardSafe Docks

If you have questions like these to be answered, BoardSafe Docks is here to help. 

BoardSafe takes the time to help you understand the features and factors you need to understand when considering an accessible launch system.

BoardSafe Docks designs, engineers, and manufactures marine access products that positively impact communities. BoardSafe improves accessibility for all paddlers in order to improve everyone’s paddling experience. For paddlers in wheelchairs who require additional adaptive features to enter and exit their vessels, the launch’s inclusive features are life-changing and offer adaptive paddlers the opportunity to be out on the water with family and friends.

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BoardSafe’s experience and expertise set us apart from the rest

BoardSafe is not just selling a commodity—We’re selling an experience and creating paddling adventures for those looking to enter their vessel safely and easily. Improving access to water is a big investment in your community, and when it’s done, it should be done correctly. We’re confident about our dock-building experience and our ability to help you find the best solution for your site conditions. It’s worth your time to give us a call.

adaptive kayakers dock wheelchairs

We frequently hear that our customer service is unmatched by other dock-building companies who are only interested in selling a dock. BoardSafe takes pride in knowing we’ll put you on the right path to obtaining your accessible kayak launch, and that our system will work, customized for your site with one of our many launch configurations illustrated here:

Learn more about what BoardSafe offers to our customers in this video:

BoardSafe, the one-stop shop for design, construction & installs of adaptive water access equipment.

With over 20 years of experience in the marine access industry, BoardSafe knows and understands what it takes to build structurally sound, durable, maintenance-free marine access products. Because we are industry experts, BoardSafe’s innovative designs and solutions can provide accessible solutions for accessing your waterfront safely and easily. Call us for more information at 610-899-0286 or contact us through our website at