November 16, 2021

BoardSafe recognizes the individuality of each paddler. Our adaptive kayak launches empower users to maximize their strengths, and offer features to help overcome challenges. This feature-rich design is key to providing the greatest amount of accessibility for the widest range of users and makes it a truly adaptive product for all!

Some of the many features BoardSafe's experienced engineers have integrated into our adaptive kayak launch include:

Aluminum Gangway    - 1:12 ADA slope    - 36" handrail    - Non-skid surface    - No step thresholds

Parallel Boat Slide    - Fully accessible from the gangway    - Easy-glide saddles    - Non-transition thresholds

Aluminum Bench    - Tiered and angled steps    - Bench rail    - Slide-out seat with access strap    - Optional padding

Aluminum Transition System    - Overhead bars    - Hanging, multi-height hand straps    - Side rails

 Additional Launch Highlights    - Extended pull bars    - Submerged support saddles (non-roller)    - Instructional signage with QR code    - Styrofoam encapsulated stability floatation

For more details about our accessible kayak launch, click here.