King Wisconsin dock
18 Jun

BoardSafe Docks of Fleetwood, PA, the industry leader in adaptive and inclusive universal access solutions, recently worked with the town of King, Wisconsin, to provide an accessible and adaptive kayak and canoe launch. The innovative product is intentionally designed, engineered, and manufactured to provide improved access to the water, ensuring that everyone—regardless of physical ability—can enjoy kayaking and canoeing on their lake.

King Wisconsin dock
Example of the BoardSafe Launch Designed and Manufactured for King, WI

For many years, the BoardSafe Kayak Launch has revolutionized how people participate in non-motorized boating access, making it significantly easier for paddlers to get in and out of their vessels and access bodies of water. Communities that invest in BoardSafe’s floating dock system recognize the tremendous value their launch brings to towns. The launch system fosters inclusivity, enhances the user’s experience, and improves the quality of life for residents and visitors who need and appreciate the launch’s specialized features. By prioritizing accessibility, BoardSafe Docks opens waterways to a wider audience and sets a new standard for community engagement and recreational infrastructure.

Chain of Lakes, Wisconsin

The town of King is located in the northeastern section of Lincoln County, Wisconsin. King is a popular destination with numerous fishing and boating opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with its natural attractions, King is known for its many resorts and campgrounds. The accessible and adaptive launch system will attract users and visitors looking for ease of use when kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

King’s project profile

The BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch includes the following features:

  • One 4-foot by 12-foot ADA gangway and kayak chute combination
    • aluminum construction
    • aluminum decking on the gangway
    • toe kick on both sides of the gangway for added protection
    • bulkhead mounting kit and attachment hardware to attach to the concrete foundation
  • One 8-foot by 16-foot aluminum-welded floating dock
    • aluminum welded construction (more structural and durable than wood or plastic)
    • composite decking; maintenance-free
    • plastic encapsulated floats; non-polluting
  • One Clip-A-Launch 165
    • aluminum slide-down bench and pullout seat
    • overhead grab bar with hand straps and pull bars
    • instructional signs for proper use of the launch’s features
  • The precast foundation system includes (2) 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 5’ concrete blocks approximately 4500 pounds each

How do I determine which launch design is best for my site?

BoardSafe Docks has several launch configurations available to our customers. Our well-known customer service and design assistance help customers determine which launch system will provide the optimal solution, best location, and greatest access to their waterfront. Review the link here to view one of 20 possible launch configurations that may work for your launch site.

As parks, lakes, rivers, and other outdoor facilities work to improve accessibility for all, they turn to BoardSafe’s Kayak Launch as a launch system for everyone to enjoy. Additional launch systems can be found here: BoardSafe Accessible Kayak Launch Locations.

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