Orange Park Kayak Launch Chute_REDUCED-720
18 Jan

January 17, 2024: Rob Bradley Park in Orange Park, FL, and BoardSafe Docks, a leading innovator in waterfront access solutions, are proud to announce the installation of a BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch. This state-of-the-art launch offers unparalleled access to all paddlers and is designed to include paddlers in wheelchairs or with other mobility limitations, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of kayaking and canoeing with family and friends.

Rob Bradley Conservation Park was deeded to the Town of Orange Park in December 2019. The plan is to preserve the beautiful park and help protect the water quality along the lake. The park officially opened in 2023 after receiving grant funds to add and improve park amenities. Culverts, sewer connections, nature trails, restrooms, observation areas, and an accessible kayak launch are all on the list to help conserve the park and preserve its natural setting. The local town is committed to using taxpayer money in a manner that will benefit its residents by offering close-to-home recreational amenities. The town’s Park and Recreation Department and Public Works will work together to maintain the park’s setting and keep it safe and clean for their community. The beauty of the park and its natural amenities will be enjoyed by all Orange Park residents for many years to come.

BoardSafe’s accessible launch is a testament to its team’s commitment to providing the highest quality product, from design through manufacturing. Their inclusive launch system provides a gateway to water-based recreation for individuals who previously faced barriers due to physical limitations. Orange Park is excited to offer this accessible amenity to their community. The key features of the launch include:

  • ADA-Compliant Gangway—ensuring ease of access for individuals with mobility aids such as wheelchairs.
  • Kayak Chute—facilitating a smooth and safe entry of kayaks and canoes into the water.
  • Step-Down Boarding Bench—allowing users to guide themselves down a slightly-sloped, 4-step bench to transfer into their kayak or canoe with a minimal drop into their vessel.
  • Overhead Grab Bars, Grab Straps, and Side Pull Bars—additional supportive features that assist users while boarding and disembarking their vessels, and enhance safe and stable entry and exit to and from the water.

Orange Park Kayak Launch Platform

BoardSafe’s innovative design empowers individuals to embark on water adventures with independence and freedom, fostering a sense of inclusion within the community.

“We are thrilled to introduce the BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch to Orange Park,” said Scott Tihansky, Design and Engineering at BoardSafe. “Our goal is to break down barriers and ensure that everyone can access and enjoy paddling on the water, regardless of ability. This launch is a game-changer, and provides a safe and user-friendly platform for individuals with varying needs to experience the thrill of kayaking and canoeing.”

The Town of Orange Park encourages its community to explore and experience the ease of use and increased accessibility offered by BoardSafe’s Adaptive Kayak Launch. Whether used by seasoned paddlers or beginners, this launch promises an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all.

BoardSafe is a leading provider of innovative access solutions that specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of floating docks, gangways, pedestrian bridges, adaptive kayak launches, and accessible fishing piers that promote accessibility and inclusivity for waterfront activities.

For information, inquiries, or to schedule a phone or Zoom consultation, please contact BoardSafe Docks at 610-899-0286 or through their website @