Fox River Paddler on Launch
12 Mar

The Fox River Summit is an annual gathering of organizations, municipalities, citizens, and stakeholders across the Fox River Watershed. Building partnerships and developing an open dialog about the issues important to managing the watershed is a key component of the summit. The program features speakers and presentations highlighting these issues, and it’s also an opportunity to celebrate the success stories along the Fox River.

Tom Warchol, BoardSafe Partner, will present information on “The Value of Investing in Universal Access Kayak Launches for Paddlers with Disabilities.”

Fox River Summit Launch  Fox River Paddler on Launch

BoardSafe’s Kayak Launch provides access to adaptive paddlers and allows them to leave their wheelchairs behind and paddle with family and friends.

Wisconsin and Illinois have partnered with the National Park Service to create the Fabulous Fox! River Water Trail. A list of access sites (by community or keyword) to the water trail is available at this link: Access Sites – Fabulous Fox! Water Trail. The site offers information about the trail, maps, itineraries, and all you need to plan an amazing day on the water.

BoardSafeDocks hopes to meet you Thursday, March 14, at Veterans Terrace, Echo Park, Burlington, WI. A complete list of featured speakers and topics for the summit is listed here: 2024 Fox River Summit

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