29 Feb

BoardSafe Docks was on display at the Quiet Adventures Symposium, held in the Michigan State University Pavilion in East Lansing, Michigan. Part of the mission of the Quiet Water Society is to educate the public and encourage participation in non-motorized outdoor recreation. Stephen J Fleming was on hand…

29 Sep

Bethlehem-based insurance carrier, HMK Insurance, featured their client BoardSafe Docks and gave them accolades for their dedication to making aquatic sports and activities more accessible. Below is a snippet of the article: HMK Client Spotlight: Northeast Products & Services Inc. How does one manufacture state-of-the-art aluminum boating docks…

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05 Jul

Not all docks are created equal. As there are a multitude of outdoor activities that one can enjoy at a lake, river, marsh or other waterfront, there are a plethora of equipment options to help you enjoy those activities.

Rowing docks are docks especially designed for rowing, sculling, crewing or paddling. Often times rowing centers are built on lakes and rivers and managed by universities, rowing clubs, or government agencies (local municipalities, parks, etc.).

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rowing dock freeboard
05 Jul

Often, we receive phone calls “What is low profile or freeboard for rowing docks?”

rowing dock freeboardThose not familiar with rowing, sailing or other aquatic sports often ask, what is a low profile dock or what is freeboard? This is a very important quality of an aluminum floating dock for rowing centers and a vital consideration when designing a rowing center.

Imagine boarding or exiting a boat or a boat’s cockpit. The larger the height differential between the rowing dock and the boat the more difficult it is to get in or out of a boat. Factor in a poorly designed floating dock that is unstable as well as a boat floating on choppy water. Moving from the dock to boat becomes increasingly difficult especially when the rower is squeezing into a narrow racing shell with other rowers also moving about. Rowing is best enjoyed without falling in!

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