Launch-in-a-Box ADA-compliant installation
15 Sep

BoardSafe’s custom-designed and installed adaptive kayak launches make it easier for the adaptive athlete to enter and exit a kayak and enjoy the freedom of this popular water sport.

Now, BoardSafe has pioneered a concept that makes the installation process easier for the user and the user’s community: Launch-in-a-Box.

One of the essential elements of any installation is the concrete foundation that provides the anchoring for the gangway / floating dock system. In a typical foundation installation, the ground must be excavated, a concrete form installed, and then poured. A few days later, the forms are stripped and then backfilled. This process can take days to complete and cost between four and five thousand dollars.

With BoardSafe’s innovative Launch-in-a-Box, the foundation arrives at your job site along with the entire dock system. All you have to do is excavate, set the precast foundation, and backfill. This process can take less than an hour to complete. There is no need for the customer to install a conventional foundation, and in most applications, the bulkhead mounting angle comes attached to the precast foundation, another time-saving benefit. This foundation option can cost as little as $2,500, a savings of up to 50% over conventional construction methods.

The following video of an adaptive installation in Oneida, Wisconsin, displays the ADA features of the Launch-in-a-Box. You will see the bulkhead mounting kit attached to the concrete, the gangway with toe kick, the 8′ x 16′ floating dock with toe kick, kayak launch, boarding bench, pull-out seat, roll cage with overhead grab bar (unique to BoardSafe), hand straps, and instruction sign with QR code that accesses an instructional video.

BoardSafe Docks Launch-in-a-Box

A few questions to consider

What size precast foundation do I need? The size of your concrete foundation will be determined by a number of factors: the length of the gangway, the size of the floating dock, and the geographical area of the installation. These are the most important factors that need to be evaluated before a recommendation can be made. To ensure that you are supplied with the correct-size precast foundation, we recommend that you contact our sales engineers for a free evaluation of your site conditions, as well as the dock system. In some areas, the recommended size of the foundation may need to be verified by a structural engineer, as well as local permitting agencies.

What if the bulkhead mounting kit isn’t installed on the foundation before arriving at my job site? In some cases, the foundation system may arrive in multiple sections, meaning the bulkhead angle will have to be attached by you in the field after the foundation block(s) is set. To help you better understand the installation process of the angle kit, we’ve developed an installation video detailing the entire process. Please note: All of the hardware shown in the video is included as part of the kit. You will, however, have to provide all of the tools referenced.