23 Sep

Many states, cities, and other government and nonprofit entities, are promoting safe water accessibility products for adaptive athletes and individuals living with a handicap. These include a range of products, like adaptive and accessible kayak launches, ADA fishing piers and floating docks, aluminum floating rowing docks, and more.…

23 Sep

Boating, paddling, and kayaking, have exploded in popularity as people of all ages and abilities seek new and exciting outdoor activities. Many community groups and government officials have taken notice of this trend and seek to open safe water access for all abilities — young and old, able-bodied…

Ken Ryno, adaptive paddler
21 Sep

There are some people we can never forget, regardless of how long it’s been since we’ve seen them. Due to ill health, BoardSafe spokesman and accessible sports advocate Ken Ryno has been away from the water for about 18 months. On September 13, 2021, Ken not only returned…

Bob Sasin, FLSP President, checking out the new kayak launch
21 Sep

Friends of Ludington State Park, Michigan, cut the ribbon on the new BoardSafe ADA-accessible kayak and canoe launch — the first of its type in Mason County — Tuesday morning, September 14, 2021, at the Hamlin Lake beach, Ludington State Park. Cutting the ribbon was Patrick O’Hare, FLSP…

Disabled paddlers share input for accessible kayak launch
17 Sep

On September 11, 2015, after installing the first BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch, at Leaser Lake, Dan Smalley and Jason Strozyk from BoardSafe Docks met with a number of Disabled Paddlers and representatives from the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation to discuss what adaptive features needed to be added to the launch.  Located…

Launch-in-a-Box ADA-compliant installation
15 Sep

BoardSafe's custom-designed and installed adaptive kayak launches make it easier for the adaptive athlete to enter and exit a kayak and enjoy the freedom of this popular water sport. Now, BoardSafe has pioneered a concept that makes the installation process easier for the user and the user's community:…

IMG 0501
25 Nov

What is an adaptive boat or kayak launch?
Many marinas, rowing centers, and parks, are aware of the growing trend of para-rowing and adaptive rowing. They understand the benefits and freedom that rowing offers. Despite this, they have not encountered or incorporated the facilities that make rowing accessible for athletes in wheelchairs or with physical challenges. Many ask, “What is an adaptive kayak boat launch? What does it look like?”

We at BoardSafe have your answers and can explain what makes an adaptive rowing center or launch ideal for para-rowers. BoardSafe manufacturers rowing products for adaptive boat and kayak launches, as well as aluminum floating docks, piers, gangways, and other accessories with ADA features. It is important to note that ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements do not apply to gangways and floating docks, but BoardSafe conscientiously developed its adaptive rowing products following ADA accessibility guidelines to best accommodate users. read more