Minsi Lake Winter-5
09 Feb

People who enjoy water sports are often subject to climates and locations that experience winter conditions.

For example, people in New England and the Midwest face extremes of heatwaves and frigid blizzards. Many of our clients in these areas are concerned about protecting their floating docks, fishing piers, gangways, and adaptive accessible kayak launches. Parks and outdoor spaces must winterize their areas by putting items into storage, placing covers on items, and spending time to protect objects against the harshness of winter. Many customers ask if BoardSafe products need to be removed from the water and stored during the winter. The short answer is, “No, Board Safe’s floating docks, fishing piers, gangways, and adaptive accessible kayak launches do not necessarily need to be removed for the winter.”

BoardSafe’s products use high-quality grades of stainless steel, synthetic lumber, fiberglass, hardware, and other materials that are selected for their durability and ability to withstand extreme winter elements.

BoardSafe products are engineered and manufactured to perform well on rivers and tidal waters and can support various loads of spectators and athletes at rowing centers. BoardSafe takes special care to design products that are sturdy and can withstand both the elements and heavy use. Athletes in the northern United States and Canada will be happy to know that Board Safe’s docks and launches can remain in the water for the winter as long as the water levels do not fluctuate and there are no ice pack movements. Unusual situations, like draining a lake or chunks of ice floating down a river, could result in damage to the product. That said, a floating dock, fishing pier, or adaptive launch, that has a steady level and flow of water around it, will endure the winter and can be left in the water.

Each location and application is different, and BoardSafe should be consulted prior to allowing products to sit in the water all winter. With hundreds of installations across numerous climates and environmental conditions, BoardSafe is an expert in location selection, site work, design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of floating docks, piers, and adaptive launches.

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