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05 Jul

Not all docks are created equal. Just as there is a multitude of outdoor activities that one can enjoy at a lake, river, marsh, or other waterfront, there is a plethora of equipment options to help you enjoy those activities.

Rowing docks are docks especially designed for rowing, sculling, crewing, or paddling. Oftentimes, rowing centers are built on lakes and rivers and managed by universities, rowing clubs, or government agencies (local municipalities, parks, etc.).

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Rowing docks are often floating, aluminum-frame docks that offer a low profile with free board approximately 5 inches above the water level. Additionally, rowing docks are built with flotation and stability features, large gangways, and other components that best enable a team or crew to load their boats in and out of the water as well as have individuals safely enter and exit their racing shell.

BoardSafe, a leading manufacturer of aluminum floating rowing docks, builds their docks with rowers in mind. BoadSafe rowing docks feature:

  • 5″ freeboard
  • 6160 heavy-duty, stainless-steel, connection hinges
  • Modular track-style frame allowing easy additions of optional components and multiple layout options
  • NyloDeck® composite or Ipe hardwood decking
  • Foam-filled black polyethylene floats
  • Optional marine-grade black vinyl edge fender
  • Optional debris diverter to protect the dock from floating debris often seen in river settings
  • Synthetic lumber with a non-slip surface that is ground-rated

These features are ideal for rowing docks, but BoardSafe also uses its proprietary designs to offers ADA fishing piers, ADA accessible and adaptive docks, gangways, and other floating aluminum dock structures.

Board Safe manufactures aluminum floating dockspiers, and gangways. They have designed and manufactured numerous specialty projects, like rowing centers and ADA docks and boat launches. For more information on your rowing center project, marina, commercial, or residential docks, call 610-899-0286 or visit