rowing dock freeboard
05 Jul

Often, we receive phone calls “What is low profile or freeboard for rowing docks?”

rowing dock freeboardThose not familiar with rowing, sailing or other aquatic sports often ask, what is a low profile dock or what is freeboard? This is a very important quality of an aluminum floating dock for rowing centers and a vital consideration when designing a rowing center.

Imagine boarding or exiting a boat or a boat’s cockpit. The larger the height differential between the rowing dock and the boat the more difficult it is to get in or out of a boat. Factor in a poorly designed floating dock that is unstable as well as a boat floating on choppy water. Moving from the dock to boat becomes increasingly difficult especially when the rower is squeezing into a narrow racing shell with other rowers also moving about. Rowing is best enjoyed without falling in!


To assist rowers entering and exiting the boat or racing shell having a dock that is relatively even or level with the boat is the best.

Free board is height of the dock above the water line. Floating aluminum rowing docks that are close to the water are considered to be low profile.

BoardSafe, a leading rowing dock manufacturer, offers a low-profile rowing dock with 5 inches of freeboard, which is an industry leading design. BoardSafe achieves this with a proprietary flotation design calculation that offers maximum stability of the rowing dock coupled with a sturdy, marine grade 6160 aluminum frame on the dock that solidly rests on the water.

Having a low profile dock with 5 inch freeboard is imperative to the safety of all athletes, including adaptive rowers and paddlers on ADA or accessible rowing docks.

To learn about BoardSafe’s proprietary, industry leading rowing dock design and 5″ freeboard, then call the rowing center manufacturing experts at 610-899-0286.

Board Safe manufactures aluminum floating dockspiersand gangwaysThey have designed and manufactured numerous specialty projects like rowing centers and ADA docks and boat launchesFor more information on your rowing center project, marina, commercial or residential docks, call 610-899-0286 or visit

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