24 Apr

BoardSafe received a contract with 6 of the boathouses on Boathouse Row in Philly. The Schuylkill River is being dredged, which prompted the work. This dredging affects crew and rowing clubs along the river that would have to move their meets had the river remained impassible.

The contracts range from removing the docks and storing them prior to dredging, to putting some of them back or installing new floating docks and gangways. They are working with the following boathouses: PA Barge Club, Fairmount, University, U Penn, Crescent, and Malta.

Universities, philanthropists, rowing clubs, and city and state governments collectively committed $4.5 million to dredge the Schuylkill of silt and debris. Prior to the announcement, Schuylkill Navy officers warned rowing teams they would have to move their meets if the river were not dredged. Seven local universities with crew programs contributed nearly half of the full donation, including Penn, Drexel, and Temple.

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