NYS Canals Forum
17 Apr

BoardSafe Docks was excited to participate in the NYS Canals Forum, “Accessibility on the Canalway,” at Monroe Community College, in Rochester, NY, where more than 170 people participated.

Tom Warchol of BoardSafe discussed accessible kayaking opportunities on the canal and their benefits to paddlers of all abilities. Rivertowns that invest in universal access kayak launches experience economic benefits that boost economies because scenic canals and historical waterways draw tourists. Universal access includes everyone and opens doors to outdoor recreation for people who may have been excluded from participating in the past.

NYS Canals Forum
Over 170 attendees were present at the NYS “Accessibility on the Canal” Forum on 4/10/24 in Rochester, NY.

The accessibility forum was open to municipal leaders, community planners, developers, and anyone interested in learning about improving access along the historic canal system. Its goal is to ensure that paddlers of all abilities have the full canal experience and ensure that paddlers with disabilities and mobility limitations can safely and easily access recreation opportunities near and on the water.

In 2025, the Erie Canal will be celebrating its 200th anniversary, and NYS is looking to support businesses and municipalities in making the historic Canal accessible to all. Read more about the forum: Celebration of 200 years on Erie Canal ensures accessible recreation for the future.

BoardSafe Docks is happy to be part of the canal’s accessibility story with our Adaptive Kayak Launch designed to include paddlers of all abilities and improve the paddling experience for all people who enjoy paddling on the canalway. To learn more about BoardSafe’s adaptive kayak launch, accessible fishing piers, and other water access products, contact BoardSafe Docks for more information at 610-899-0286.