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18 Oct

The Village of Unions Springs, located along the east side of Cayuga Lake, installed its first Adaptive Kayak Launch for its Blueway Trail. The public water trail connects non-motorized paddle vessels, like kayaks, standup paddleboards, and canoes, to treasured natural resources on beautiful Cayuga Lake, NY.

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Cayuga Lake is one of eleven glacially-formed lakes, located in Cayuga County, NY. Located at Frontenac Park in Union Springs, BoardSafe’s Adaptive Kayak Launch connects paddlers to the 40-mile lake ,offering them the opportunity to connect with friends and family and enjoy the beauty of the environment around the lake.

Traveling the Blueway Trail allows paddlers to access local businesses and recreation areas on the lake. It’s also a great way to enjoy the beauty of this glacially-formed freshwater lake from an on-the-water perspective, very different from the views on land. The Blueway Trail includes publicly-accessible launch sites that are spread out along the entire shoreline of Cayuga Lake. A significant portion of the Cayuga Lake shoreline is privately owned and developed. However, the trail guides paddlers to enter and exit the lake at numerous convenient public locations. These launch sites create opportunities for both short and long Blueway Trail trips. A pocket guide to the trail is available at the Visitor Center at the Taughannock Falls State Park Overlook and from Cayuga Lake’s Online Store.

Cayuga Lake Blueway Trail created a vision for memorable paddling trips for both novices and experts. The trail highlights rich historic landmarks and natural features found around Cayuga Lake. More information about the Blueway Trail and highlights from individual user experiences can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

The Village of Unions Springs is located along the east side of Cayuga Lake. They were thrilled about adding their first BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch to their Blueway Trail. The Adaptive Launch offers universal access to their lake and provides adaptive features for paddlers who have limited mobility or require specialized support to make entering and exiting their kayak safe and easy. The new launch provides accessibility for all and the village acknowledged it’s a beauty!

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Scope of work BoardSafe Docks designed, fabricated, and built the new kayak launch and its easy-to-install foundation system. The system is fabricated from a 24-ft long aluminum gangway and chute to provide access to the water. A two-part pre-cast concrete block system was used as the foundation bulkhead. This solution eliminated the need to pour concrete in place and significantly reduced the soil disruption on the shore. BoardSafe worked alongside members of the Highway Department from the village of Union Springs to install the foundation.

BoardSafe Launch Cayuga Lake-bulkhead

Below is a video highlighting the installation of the mounting angle to the concrete bulkhead during the installation of a BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch.

Installing an Adaptive Kayak Launch: Mounting Angle on Concrete Bulkhead

A benefit for all paddlers using this new launch system is that the new kayak launch re-directs paddlers and kayak fishermen away from the existing motorized boat ramp to reduce congestion at this very popular fishing destination. This improves the safety of paddlers looking to get out onto the lake and keeps them safely away from boat traffic launching at the same time. Fishing, boating, and kayak fishing are all very popular activities on Cayuga Lake. The lake currently holds the state’s record for the largest smallmouth bass, which was caught on Cayuga Lake this year.

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The community is so happy with the feedback about its trail system and the benefits it provides for the community for public recreation. Their new water trail draws family and friends to the lake and helps support the business owners around the lake. They hope to add more sites to the trail in the future in partnership with private landowners and business owners, while promoting good stewardship of their natural resources for generations to use and enjoy in the years to come.

BoardSafe Docks understands the value an accessible launch brings to communities.

An accessible kayak launch with adaptive features benefits a significant portion of the population, including people with mobility impairments, older adults, and people with temporary injuries or permanent conditions. Ask any adaptive kayaker about their feelings of enjoyment, liberation, and empowerment after they complete a paddle. Many will tell you they cannot wait to get back out on the water!

Kayaking promotes healthy living, connects friends and families with each other and with nature, and encourages paddlers to be good stewards in caring for our natural resources.

BoardSafe prides itself on developing a trusting and respectful relationship with its clients throughout the design and manufacturing process. Their team understands their products’ impact on communities and has witnessed their product designs improve lifestyles for the adaptive and recreation-loving communities they serve. They are proud of the partnerships they develop with their customers and appreciate the opportunity to develop their customers’ visions and turn them into legacies of waterfront inclusivity for generations to come. For more information, contact us at 610-899-0286 or through our website at

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