Savannah Lake Meyer sign
02 Nov

The City of Savannah, Georgia, recently installed a BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch that offers kayak enthusiasts of all abilities the chance to get out and enjoy the water. The much-anticipated kayak and canoe launch provides universal access to Lake Mayer Community Park, 1850 E. Montgomery Crossroads, Savannah, GA.

Savannah Lake Meyer sign

The new launch is a welcome addition to the park that will allow people of all abilities to launch their kayaks and canoes and bring them back to shore safely and easily. With more people participating in paddlesports, the launch was something the community expressed a desire for. Chatham County Parks and Recreation led the project to improve accessibility at this popular location. Lake Mayer Community Park is an amenity-filled recreational area with a wonderful body of water for kayaking and bass fishing for users who enjoy being on the lake.

Amenities around the lake include

  • two (2) pavilions available for rent.
  • eight (8) tennis courts with lights.
  • basketball courts with lights.
  • 1.5 jogging and bicycle paved track with fitness course around the lake.
  • freshwater lake stocked with fish.
  • one boat ramp.
  • one fishing pier.
  • restrooms.
  • baseball/softball field.
  • lighted hockey rink.
  • dog exercise area.
  • playground.
  • volleyball play area.
  • handball practice court.
  • handicap accessibility.

With the addition of a BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch, the city now has the opportunity to add inclusive paddling at the lake as an attractive amenity. The adaptive system consists of an 8 x 16-foot floating dock, gangway, and chute. Its features include the following accommodations so all paddlers can enjoy the kayaking and canoeing experience on the lake.

  • handicap accessibility
  • ADA features include a 1:12-slope aluminum gangway with an adjacent composite decking boat slide. This accessible design allows individuals to ease their kayak down the slide while they travel down the gangway.
  • The floating dock and gangway have a 36″ continuous handrail along the perimeter, consistent with ADA features.
  • The aluminum floating docks are engineered for maximum flotation and stabilization for the size, number, and placement of the plastic encapsulated floats. Marine conditions and water movement (tidal waters, rivers, lake ice, etc.) are also considered in the design features and flotation devices.
  • On the floating dock, there is a boarding bench that is 16″ high and equal to the height of a wheelchair. A group of adaptive kayakers and consultants for the launch’s design determined 16” to be the ideal height to transfer over from a wheelchair. On the loading bench, there are four step-down seats, each with a four-inch rise. Adaptive paddlers can use the overhead grab bar to guide themselves along either side of the bench of their preference and down to the boat. On the last transition step, there is a pullout seat that extends out and across the top of the boat. Users can simply slide across the pullout seat, locate themselves directly over the kayak seat, and guide themselves into the boat.
  • Surrounding the kayak is an aluminum roll cage, consisting of an overhead grab bar, overhead hand straps, and grab bars, that offers individuals numerous gripping options for lowering into the boat.
  • Supporting the boat in the water is a partially-submerged bracket system that stabilizes the kayak during entry and exit.

Savannah Lake Meyer gangway  Savannah Lake Meyer gangway railing

Accessibility at the park 

According to, Lake Mayer Park is outside the historic downtown area on the way to the Isle of Hope. This park is paved and offers a level pathway that wraps around the lake. Access to a fishing pier has been made possible, along with picnic tables, bathrooms, and designated parking. There are two designated accessible spaces in the paved parking lot off Lake Meyer Road in the middle of the trail. Both of them are van-accessible with striped access aisles. The trail surface is paved concrete or rubber, about 5 feet wide. The estimated grade is gentle (3% or less). This trail will likely be navigable for most trailgoers using wheelchairs, mobility equipment, or strollers. There are benches along the route for resting. The new accessible paddle launch is ready for all visitors when enjoying their day at the park.

Savannah Lake Meyer boarding system  Savannah Lake Meyer kayak chute

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