10 Mar

BoardSafe strives to be environment-friendly in all our operations. Our materials are selected for their durability and sustainability. We design systems that do not hinder the surrounding ecosystem of plant and animal life. Our quick and quality installation process reduces the on-site presence of heavy equipment, and we do it right the first time so we don’t have to return.

Property owners, whether governments, clubs, schools, individuals, or others who are contemplating installing or replacing docks, need to be aware of the sustainability of the components and their impact on the marine ecosystem. BoardSafe takes all of that into consideration, from the design phase through the procurement of materials to the final installation.

BoardSafe’s made-in-the-USA floating docks are constructed from the highest-grade aluminum, so there is no concern about deterioration, as there can be with wooden docks. They are low-maintenance, meaning an occasional power wash will keep them looking great, with a minimal need for solvents and other chemicals that can pollute the water. Environment-friendly cleaning products are available to remove stains.

BoardSafe prebuilds as many components as possible to minimize our time at the installation site. We make sure everything is complete before we leave the site, so we don’t have to return. This means less trampling of the ground and vegetation.

Aluminum floating docks are more easily moved and replaced than fixed docks, should the need arise.

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