10 Mar

BoardSafe is a participant in the Pennsylvania COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program. COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program that serves as a conduit through which registered and eligible local public procurement units and state-affiliated entities are able to leverage contracts established to cost-effectively and efficiently identify suppliers with whom to do business. This streamlines the purchasing process for both sides.

The COSTARS Program’s goal is to provide members with contracts that are competitively priced while delivering increased opportunities for our supplier and member partners. 

Membership in COSTAR facilitates the purchase of supplies, services, and construction by entities that spend public funds, such as a council of governments or an area government, or an organization that receives public grant funds.

COSTARS suppliers, such as BoardSafe, must demonstrate high standards of responsibility and responsiveness. Many purchasers use a shortlist of preferred suppliers that they know they can depend on to deliver the goods in a timely manner and at competitive prices. Amazing customer service plus competitive pricing will go a long way to winning a member’s project!

Government agencies large and small, up and down the East Coast, have found BoardSafe to be a reliable supplier of the finest aluminum floating docks, gangways, adaptive kayak launches, and other marine recreation products. We have lived up to their COSTARS standards and reputation.

Other clients, from private citizens to boating and kayak clubs to public schools and universities, have relied on the trusted BoardSafe name.

For more information, contact us at 610-899-0286 or continue to browse our website, especially our Projects page.