March 6, 2016

What is an adaptive kayak boat launch?

In the video below, BoardSafe explains the features of its adaptive kayak boat launch that provide access to those with disabilities, handicaps, and other mobility limitations. The launch is ideally engineered and built for kayaks, canoes, and other boats.

The ADA-compliant adaptive kayak boat launch was engineered based on existing adaptive paddling applications, as well as innovations generated by a group of adaptive kayakers and paddlers.

Please watch the following video demonstrating the launch for adaptive paddlers and kayakers:

Here is a list of some of the adaptive kayak boat launch features:

  • ADA-compliant 1:12-slope aluminum gangway adjacent to the composite decking boat slide. This design allows individuals to ease their kayak down the slide while they travel along the gangway.
  • The floating dock and gangway have a 36″ continuous handrail along the perimeter, consistent with ADA requirements.
  • Aluminum floating dock with boat access. The floating docks are engineered for maximum flotation stabilization considering the size, number, and placement of plastic-encapsulated floats. The marine conditions and water movement (tidal waters, rivers, lake ice, etc.) are also considered.
  • On the floating dock, there is a loading bench that is 16″ high. A group of para-kayakers determined this to be the ideal height to transfer over from a wheelchair. On the loading bench, there are four levels with a 4″ rise. Athletes can use the handrail that runs the length of the bench to guide themselves along the bench to the boat. On the last transition, there is a pullout seat that extends out and across the top of the boat. The user can simply slide across the pullout seat, locate himself or herself directly across the kayak seat and guide himself or herself into the boat.
  • Surrounding the kayak is the roll cage. It is a frame of handrails and hand straps offering the individual numerous gripping options for lowering into the boat.
  • Supporting the boat in the water is a partially-submerged bracket system to stabilize the kayak.

To see an adaptive rowing kayak boat launch case feature, click here. 

BoardSafe manufactures modular products for rowing centers to build and customize an adaptive rowing center specific to their needs. Each adaptive rowing project is specifically designed with the rowers in mind. Each project has unique use and ecological considerations. BoardSafe uses the most advanced sustainable materials and installation practices to minimize the habitat impact and duration of installation. We encourage you to call BoardSafe to discuss your project at 610-899-0286.