Adaptive launch saddle
25 Jan

At BoardSafe Docks, we believe we have designed and built the best ADA adaptive boat launch available on the market. That’s not coming from us — it’s coming from the adaptive kayakers and para-rowers. After all, they are the experts, and they are also the ones who designed it.One of the design modifications provided by BoardSafe’s adaptive rowers was to use submerged composite lumber saddles to stabilize the kayak or boat. The underwater saddles guide and hold the kayak in place as the user enters and exists the watercraft. This was an important innovation compared to BoardSafe’s competitors’ ADA kayak designs that have rubber rollers that often damage carbon fiber kayaks, according to the user group. The use of composite wood would eliminate damage because the boat contact is plastic-on-plastic (boat hull on saddle). Additionally, the submerged nature of the saddles relies on the buoyancy of the watercraft to reduce the weight on the saddles and also promotes algae growth on the saddles to lubricate any friction.

This is one of many innovative options that make BoardSafe’s adaptive kayak boat launch the best solution for any rowing center, park, or other marina application. All the details — from the gangway, boat slide, floating dock, and roll cage, to the accessories — are not only ADA-inspired — they are also complemented by additional mobility options to facilitate entering and exiting a canoe, kayak, or other boat. The design not only ensures the safety of the athlete or user — it also protects your kayak or boat.

BoardSafe manufactures modular products that enable rowing centers to build and customize an adaptive rowing center specific to their needs. Each adaptive rowing project is specifically designed with the rowers in mind. For each project, the usage and ecological considerations are unique. BoardSafe uses the best sustainable materials and installation practices to minimize the habitat impact and duration of installation. We encourage you to call BoardSafe to discuss your project at 610-899-0286.