Erie Canal Dock Medina
17 Feb

The Village of Medina installed a customized BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch, Floating Docks, Gangway, and Landing, completed in September 2021.

The first challenge identified by BoardSafe Docks was that the existing gangway didn't conform to ADA guidelines and was greater than a 1/12 slope. To correct this issue, a landing was constructed for the existing gangway to rest on and a second gangway added to connect from that platform to the floating dock.

This concept was a cost savings for Mayor Mike Sidari in the Village of Medina because BoardSafe recognized they were able to use their existing gangway and not replace it with a more costly gangway. A replacement gangway would have been nearly 70-feet long.

The adaptive kayak launch in Medina was designed to attach to the customer’s existing floating marina. The marina’s freeboard was 16 inches, and the same height as a standard BoardSafe Dock. BoardSafe was able to size the docks and configure the launch to fit onto the downriver side of their dock system.

The components of this project included a customized landing platform for their existing gangway, a new 30-foot aluminum welded gangway, two 5' x 10' floating docks, one 8' x 20' floating dock, and one Clip-a-Launch 20S with a single side entry.

The cost of this project was approximately $65,000.

The BoardSafe Adaptive Kayak Launch appeals to adaptive paddlers and will help the village of Medina continue to grow as a tourist destination because of its accessibility to the water, downtown historic district, and painted murals project located behind their historic downtown buildings.

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