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01 Sep

Allen Pond Park is the premier park in Bowie, Maryland. The park offers an array of activities, including an amphitheatre, boat rentals, ball fields, basketball courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, pavilions, biking and walking trails, and more. Accommodations include rest rooms and drinking fountains. The park sees many visitors throughout the year and is a favorite spot for the local community.

The park totals 85 acres, including a 10-acre pond for fishing and boat rentals. The City of Bowie desired to make major improvements to the park and IMG 0215commissioned a master plan to make renovations to the park. The major goals were to enhance the park experience and improve programming efficiencies while encouraging use and protecting the natural beauty and habitat. A major facet of this renovation was to improve access to and use of the pond.

The city relied upon the experience of BoardSafe to provide ideas and create drawings for a dock layout and pond access around the boathouse. BoardSafe manufactured numerous alumimun floating docks and railings for water access as well as several aluminum gangways. Local fisherman and families renting paddle boats love the new docks. The City of Bowie is proud of their state-of-the-art floating docks at Allen Pond Park.