TN RiverLine display table
28 Feb

BoardSafe Docks is pleased to partner with the Tennessee RiverLine to support the development of North America’s next great regional trail system.

The 2024 Summit is happening now at the Lodge at Pickwick Landing in Hardin County, TN.

The interactive forum offers planning sessions, outdoor excursions, water trail workshops, accessibility awareness, and networking opportunities.

TN RiverLine display table

Tennessee RiverLine’s vision of a continuous water trail experience begins where the Tennessee River forms in Knoxville, TN, to its confluence with the Ohio River in Paducah, KY. It includes 652 miles of paddle trails and touches the four states of Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Improving accessibility to the Tennessee River is a dream for anyone who enjoys kayaking, canoeing, and spending time on the water. Their full vision is laid out in the booklet here: Tennessee RiverLine Vision Booklet.pdf

Accessible recreation by BoardSafe

The desire for accessible recreation in and by the water offers new economic opportunities, encourages ecological stewardship and conservation, draws people to the water, and promotes better health for its citizens. Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing opportunities connect people to their communities. The advantage of ensuring that entry points offer universal access ensures that paddlers with disabilities and mobility limitations can be included in activities along with family and friends. Educating others about universal access has become a significant part of BoardSafe’s Mission. Our goal is to assist others in understanding that “accessible” is not synonymous with “adaptive.” Paddlers with physical disabilities and mobility limitations require additional adaptive features to enter their kayaks and get out on the water. When BoardSafe’s Kayak Launch was designed, BoardSafe’s team collaborated with a group of paddlers in wheelchairs who provided input into the launch’s features. These meetings ensured the necessary features were not overlooked and would be developed to the extent necessary to provide the accommodations paddlers in wheelchairs require for safe entry into their vessels. Equitable access ensures all paddlers may enjoy the beauty, diversity, and history of the Tennessee River and beyond.

Men in wheelchairs on BoardSafe dock

What makes BoardSafe unique?

BoardSafe’s unique applications for improving accessibility with their adaptive features, paired with the design integrity of their floating dock system, continue to make them the industry leader and expert in accessibility for all. Ultimately, the user experience is improved for everyone who uses their launch systems for kayaking or fishing.

BoardSafe’s manufacturing takes place in Fleetwood, PA, but as a licensed contractor in Tennessee, they have a strong presence helping to improve accessibility with their adaptive kayak launches and fishing piers. Their pedestrian bridges, gangways, and rowing docks also improve access points throughout the state.

TN RiverLine panel  TN RiverLine poster

Representing BoardSafe Docks at RiverLine’s Summit are Tom Warchol, a BoardSafe Partner, Kelly Bealls from the Business Development Team, and Bill Bogdan, an adaptive sports enthusiast who has partnered with BoardSafe to share the important message about universal access for all.

Helping non-disabled people gain a better understanding of the features required for inclusive fishing and paddling is necessary because, all too often, launches are built and deemed to be accessible when they’re not. When a paddler in a wheelchair can enter their vessel safely and with minimal assistance, their experience is life-changing. The paddling experience is improved for the adaptive paddler as well as those kayaking with them. Here is a video of Bill using BoardSafe’s Adaptive Kayak Launch independently: Adaptive Kayak Launch at Lake Chaminwood

Accessibility in the outdoors

Tennessee RiverLine is a catalyst for new investments in outdoor recreation and infrastructure that will create jobs and stimulate the economy. Successful paddle trails should ensure proper accessibility that includes features for paddlers in wheelchairs. Paddling and kayak fishing are a great part of their rehabilitation and exercise routine and it gets them out on the water with everyone else.

When accessibility is at the forefront of the design process, the paddling experience will be improved for all users. Communities investing in accessible infrastructure will benefit economically and ecologically, will improve public health, and draw more people to the water.

Gangway to BoardSafe kayak launch

BoardSafe prides itself on developing a trusting and respectful relationship with our clients throughout the manufacturing process. Our team understands our products’ impact on communities and has witnessed our product designs improve lifestyles for the adaptive and recreation-loving communities we serve. We are proud of the partnerships we develop with our customers and appreciate the opportunity to develop our customers’ visions and turn them into legacies of waterfront inclusivity for generations to come. Through the power of partnerships and collaborative planning, great things are happening in Tennessee!

BoardSafe Docks is the industry leader in adaptive kayak launches and fishing piers, gangways and pedestrian bridges, rowing centers, and marinas. We specialize in design consultation, engineering, and manufacturing, and will work with you to ensure your project is accessible to the widest range of users. You may learn more about BoardSafe Dock’s projects through our website at or by calling 610-899-0286.