rowing center rowing docks
05 Jul

Owners and managers of rowing centers, as well as rowing and paddling clubs, want heavy-duty aluminum-frame floating rowing docks at their facility. Rowing docks are designed for long-term performance with the rower in mind.

BoardSafe’s floating rowing docks can be found at numerous rowing centers around the United States. The BoardSafe rowing docks are made in America and designed for commercial and residential applications.

Rowing docks are different from regular docks. To start, they are often floating, and their designs focus on the rower or paddler. Considerations include how the rower or rowers bring the boat from the gangway onto the rowing dock, how they enter the boat, how they leave the dock, how they exit the boat, and how many rowers are on the dock at any particular time. All these conditions are accounted for with a BoardSafe rowing center designed by their team of experts who analyze these factors — as well as the aquatic conditions, including the surrounding habitat, marine life, and currents of the river, lake, marsh, or other body of water.

A good rowing dock and well-designed rowing center account for these rowing dock advantages, among others:

• Stability
• Weight load calculations
• Close to the water: 5-inch free board
• No slip
• Durability
• Rower capacity
• Low impact on natural habitat

If you are planning to construct, purchase, or replace rowing docks, then call the experts at BoardSafe to discuss your rowing center’s needs.

Board Safe manufactures aluminum floating docks, piers, and gangways. They have designed and manufactured numerous specialty projects, like rowing centers and ADA docks and boat launches. For more information on your rowing center project, marina, commercial or residential docks, call 610-899-0286 or visit