Devonshire Park-1
10 Aug

BoardSafe Docks was contracted to come up with a design for a new floating dock system on the Schuylkill River across from Pottstown, PA, in North Coventry Township. The site included an existing boat ramp and signs of a previous dock system that was washed away in a…

canoe house
20 Jun

The East Park Canoe House on the Schuylkill River was built in 1914 as a public boathouse for renting and storing canoes and rowboats for recreational usage. Many years and numerous renovations later, the building transitioned into a competitive rowing center due to rowing's growing popularity on the…

Mariners' Musuem-4
07 Mar

In early March of 2022. the following project was installed at the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, VA.  The client had a fixed pier with steps that lead to a floating dock. The floating dock was removed and a new pressure-treated ramp was installed by the customer on top…

21 Oct

Ever innovating and improving their marine access products, BoardSafe Docks launches a new product: an aluminum floating dock with 8" wide and 2" thick pre-stressed concrete panels. The concrete is available in a natural concrete finish, woodgrain, exposed aggregate, or smooth finish. It can be stained with any…

rowing dock freeboard
05 Jul

We often receive phone calls asking, “What is low profile or freeboard for rowing docks?”

Those not familiar with rowing, sailing, and other aquatic sports, often ask, “What is a low profile dock?” or “What is freeboard?” This is a very important quality of an aluminum floating dock for rowing centers and a vital consideration when designing a rowing center.

Imagine boarding or exiting a boat or a boat’s cockpit. The larger the height differential between the rowing dock and the boat, the more difficult it is to get in and out of a boat. Factor in a poorly-designed floating dock that is unstable, as well as a boat floating on choppy water. Moving from dock to boat becomes increasingly difficult, especially when the rower is squeezing into a narrow racing shell with other rowers also moving about. Rowing is best enjoyed without falling in!

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adaptive kayaker launching
06 Nov

Adaptive Boat Launch, Piers, and Rowing Products BoardSafe has developed a line of ADA-accessible products specifically for the adaptive athlete. These products include an adaptive kayak, canoe and boat launch, accessible piers, and floating docks with ADA features, as well as adaptive rowing docks for adaptive rowing (See…

26 Jul

Aluminum Boat Rack Systems Rowing centers and kayak launches need a functional way to easily store and access their boats, kayaks and rowing gear. BoardSafe has built numerous rowing centers and understands the uses and needs of rowers, kayakers and adaptive athletes to offer the best options for…