Savannah Lake Meyer gangway
20 Nov

BoardSafe’s Accessible Kayak Launch provides universal access with over 20 possible launch configurations to meet your site’s specifications. BoardSafe’s design experts will evaluate your site conditions and recommend a launch system that keeps you and all our customers at the center of the design process. A BoardSafe Accessible Kayak and Canoe Launch creates a positive user experience with its functional, sustainable, and durable design. View some of our configurations here.

BoardSafe Docks Collage

Other dock companies may attempt to copy BoardSafe’s Adaptive and Accessible Kayak Launch, but BoardSafe’s proven history and experience as a trusted expert will ensure you’re getting the best kayak launch on today’s market. Click here to learn how our launch system transforms the user experience: Kayak Launch at Lake Chaminwood. For more information on improving accessibility at your lake, stream, or water access point, contact us at our website,, or call us at 610-89-0286.