man entering kayak from launch
12 Apr

BoardSafe Docks is pleased to be recognized in Lehigh Valley Style Magazine as an option for accessible recreation for people of all abilities. Cindy Ross, author, and her husband, Todd Gladfelter, an adaptive outdoor enthusiast, appreciate the adaptive features in BoardSafe’s Kayak Launch and Accessible Fishing Pier at…

Savannah Lake Meyer gangway
20 Nov

BoardSafe’s Accessible Kayak Launch provides universal access with over 20 possible launch configurations to meet your site’s specifications. BoardSafe’s design experts will evaluate your site conditions and recommend a launch system that keeps you and all our customers at the center of the design process. A BoardSafe Accessible…

Bulkhead for Launch-in-a-Box
10 Feb

BoardSafe sells an adaptive launch kit called "Launch-in-a-Box" with all the features of a commercial adaptive kayak launch. It's a turnkey package for clients to assemble and install on their own.

26 Jul

Aluminum Boat Rack Systems Rowing centers and kayak launches need a functional way to easily store and access their boats, kayaks and rowing gear. BoardSafe has built numerous rowing centers and understands the uses and needs of rowers, kayakers and adaptive athletes to offer the best options for…