U Penn Burk-Bergman-1
22 Dec

The University of Pennsylvania's Rowing Center on the Schuylkill River recently completed a $13.5 million renovation to its historical boathouse, rowing docks, and gangway. The original Maderia Shell House constructed in 1874 and located on Philadelphia’s prestigious Boathouse Row recently reopened as the Burk-Bergman Boathouse, honoring two former…

14 Dec

Since 2009, BoardSafe Docks has designed, manufactured, and installed high-quality floating docks, aluminum gangways, pedestrian bridges, adaptive kayak launches, and other marine access products.  Their projects cover a variety of locations including urban projects found in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Jacksonville, Chicago, Manhattan, and Boston Harbor. They…

canoe house
20 Jun

The East Park Canoe House on the Schuylkill River was built in 1914 as a public boathouse for renting and storing canoes and rowboats for recreational usage. Many years and numerous renovations later, the building transitioned into a competitive rowing center due to rowing's growing popularity on the…

18 Nov

Rowing centers on the East Coast and across the United States want to ensure safety for their athletes and longevity for their rowing center investments. Not all floating docks perform well in varying situations, especially under the heavy use of a rowing season. There are several factors to…

rowing center rowing docks
05 Jul

Owners and managers of rowing centers, as well as rowing and paddling clubs, want heavy-duty aluminum-frame floating rowing docks at their facility. Rowing docks are designed for long-term performance with the rower in mind.

BoardSafe’s floating rowing docks can be found at numerous rowing centers around the United States. The BoardSafe rowing docks are made in America and designed for commercial and residential applications.

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26 Jul

Aluminum Boat Rack Systems Rowing centers and kayak launches need a functional way to easily store and access their boats, kayaks and rowing gear. BoardSafe has built numerous rowing centers and understands the uses and needs of rowers, kayakers and adaptive athletes to offer the best options for…