ADA boat kayak launch
25 Mar

Here at BoardSafe, we’ve taken great pride in developing what we think is the best ADA adaptive kayak boat launch on the market, with the help of adaptive paddlers, The Center for Independent Living, and other users and experts. We also used the best practices of canoeing and kayaking for people with disabilities. Check out our photos! read more

The ADA Kayak and Boat Launch consists of an accessible gangway, floating dock, and other ADA features that assist an adaptive rower or adaptive paddler to enter the cockpit of a kayak, canoe, or other watercraft. What is ADA? The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) prohibits…

When Kempton Lions Club member Tom Kerr was seeking a project for the year, he leveraged his other civic involvement to identify needs in the community. The Kempton Lions Club is a rural club in the rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania. Kerr, a Kempton area resident, also sits on the Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation board and was heavily involved in Leaser Lake environmental issues and outdoor activities.

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What is an adaptive kayak boat launch?

In the video below, BoardSafe explains the features of its adaptive kayak boat launch that provide access to those with disabilities, handicaps, and other mobility limitations. The launch is ideally engineered and built for kayaks, canoes, and other boats.

The ADA-compliant adaptive kayak boat launch was engineered based on existing adaptive paddling applications, as well as innovations generated by a group of adaptive kayakers and paddlers. read more