adaptive kayaker launching
09 Jun

In the fall of 2015, Board Safe Docks installed a new ADA fishing pier and adaptive / ADA kayak launch at Leaser Lake in Kempton, PA. The floating docks and applications were designed and constructed by Board Safe Docks, and completed an ADA and adaptive park area that already included paved nature trails and ADA picnic tables. 

adaptive kayaker launching

On Sunday, May 22, 2016, a group of 12 adaptive paddlers, 30 volunteers, including 6 ACC Instructors enjoyed their first adaptive paddling event. 

The Leaser Lake Heritage Foundation coordinated the parking, food and programming while Team River Runner handled the adaptive boating program. This was the first event of its kind since the unveiling and trial run on the adaptive kayak boat launch in November. Paddlers were taught water safety, the proper way to enter and exit a boat, and the basics of paddling. 

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